2016: Let’s do this.

New Year’s resolutions…

I don’t really like them, because I rarely stick to them and then I feel bad. Whilst trying to get to grips with the new Runkeeper app this morning (I know, it probably changed ages ago), I accidentally set myself a goal (I can’t even remember what it was) and then got really annoyed that I had. Whilst running, I pondered over why I was so annoyed. I think I have just realised that for every day life, I can’t keep setting goals and then not meeting them. I appreciate that targets/goals/resolutions can be motivational, but I’m not feeling it this year. I can’t keep beating myself up over things I don’t achieve, because I end up focussing on those, despite other achievements.

So this year, I have just decided that I might do more or less of certain things. It’s not measurable (for me, this is a new thing); I see them more as intentions as opposed to specific goals I MUST achieve in order to be a very good person.

This year I would like to do more of the following:

  • blogging
  • regular exercise
  • playing my violin
  • read for pleasure


I propose to do less of the following:

  • working late (less, not cut out entirely)
  • eating chocolate and cake (as above)
  • moaning about all the new year’s resolutions I haven’t kept

I think this is all pretty manageable, and if I don’t achieve some of these, I’ll just start again and try harder, which is fine.   I’ll let you know this time how it’s gone this time next year.

Happy New Year.


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