Tonal functional harmony, music education, and other musings…

Inspired by Dave Guinane’s recent move, I have also decided to grow up, move to WordPress and get back into blogging. But it really got me thinking (sorry to quote Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City) exactly about what I would blog.  I love my job as a music teacher and think I am good enough at it to put some ideas/resources here, particularly when it comes to the importance of singing in all aspects of music.  I am an unashamed harmony geek. I love bringing harmony to life for my students (and anyone who will listen) and showing them that the “theory” they all moan about is actually just music itself, and that it is simply amazing.  As well as all this, I do my best to take part in discussions and debates about music education.  So I hope that my blog will contain posts about all of the above and that you will find them interesting, and perhaps even useful.  Back soon.


One Comment on “Tonal functional harmony, music education, and other musings…”

  1. hubhop says:

    Hi Hanh – look forward to reading your thoughts – feel free to connect to mine as well – similar fields I assure you…


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